Golden Dreams Therapeutic Riding Center

Sponsor a Horse

A major component of our budge is horse care. You can help us keep our horses in good condition and good health by contributing to one of the following:
  • Complete Care: $5,000 will cover all of the basic needs of one horse for an entire year. This includes feed, supplements, farrier care, equine dentistry care, health maintenance and routine veterinary care. A sponsorship certificate in your name will be placed on the front of the stall of the horse you are sponsoring for the year.
  • Feed: $1,700 will provide a year’s worth of the high quality hay and grain required to keep our special horses in tip top condition to perform at the best of their ability.
  • Farrier: $750 will cover the annual cost of a farrier to help keep one of our horses feet in good condition. This includes trimming of the hooves, shoes and any other work required to maintain healthy feet.
  • Veterinary Care: $550 will provide for annual routine veterinary care, including vaccinations and veterinary visits ,for one of our horses.
  • Other Needs: $2,000 will cover the annual cost for one horse’s bedding, daily care giving, supplements, training and other miscellaneous costs.

Sponsor a Horse…