Golden Dreams Therapeutic Riding Center

Founder’s Note

Allow me to share with you a little more information about Golden Dreams and our Strategic Vision.

We acquired the property, which we named Baileywyck Farm, in Middleburg, Virginia, and founded Golden Dreams in 2006. When we purchased it, the property had no—as in none—horse facilities, and it took a couple years to build the barn, pasture fences, etc. We became a 501(c)(3) public organization in 2008, and we have been providing specialized riding lessons for children and adults since then. In particular, we are gratified to provide services to members of our armed forces under a grant from the
Air Warrior Courage Foundation. We also provide outreach programs for churches, schools, and other groups.    

The Future… We built the facility to do just what it’s been doing, and we have been happy with the outcome. However, over the past year, we looked at our program along with our Board and decided to make some changes, both within the program itself and the facility.

Why? Because we want to address broader issues within our community. We were dealing with only one discipline: introducing our riders to horseback riding as a source for mental, emotional, and physical growth through
PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship). To better serve our community, we are looking to include Hippotherapy, EAGALA (Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning Association) and yoga. We also look forward to treating PTSD patients as well as deeper involvement with our armed forces.

Speaking of improving our facility… we have initiated a Capital Campaign in order to move our program forward in some new directions to better serve our community. The round figure is $150K in funding to improve and expand our facility and implement these new programs. The planned facility improvements include building out the barn loft, to provide us with an Indoor Instructional Space; installation of Outdoor Footing in the arena, for safe and expanded seasonal riding (we currently lose too many riding days when the arena is too soggy for safe riding); acquisition of an Equestrian Lift, to enable our wheelchair-using riders to safely and more easily mount and dismount the horses; and construction of a Run-In Shed, so that horses in the front pasture will have shelter.

To further our vision and continue Golden Dreams program funding and success, we are working with proven grant writer. We are excited about these changes to our program—they are improvements which will help ensure that we’ll be able to carry out Golden Dreams’ mission of improving individual’s lives through equine involvement.

Many thanks for your support, and please free to
drop me a note if I can answer any questions.

Lisa Vella Iantosca
Founder and President
Golden Dreams Therapeutic Riding

P.S. Whence Golden Dreams…
Scan 4
Golden Dreams is named after my three beloved Golden Retrievers, Donnie, Maggie, and Bailey, pictured here (left to right).

Maggie and Bailey are no longer with us, but their memory lives on at Baileywyck Farm and the Golden Dreams program. Donnie can be be found at Baileywyck, lolling in the shade, gamboling about the fields, and rolling in the you-know-what.

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